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Tools for Debian Packages

Debian has been my primary Linux distribution of choice since 2003. That’s twenty years! How time flies! I haven’t ever worked as full-time server administrator but running and operating various kinds of systems have always been part of my skills, and it has made it possible for me to leverage wide range of tooling required […]

Python Versions

Even though I’ve used Python programming language on-and-off since about year 2000, I only started paying more attention to specific Python versions around 2016 when I gradually started using Python more seriously in devops. When dealing with different runtime environments it is crucial to know which features are available in which Python versions. This page […]

Moving Zabbix Database

In the series “why wouldn’t I put this out public instead of just saving it to my own notes”: Moving the Zabbix database to a new database server. Old server: Debian Linux 9, running MariaDB 10.1.48 New server: Debian Linux 11, running MariaDB 10.5.12 (from Debian packaging) Zabbix (5.0.19 LTS) frontend is running on Apache […]