Month: January 2022

Selecting Pynetbox Version

If you have: And you need: Then you need to use: Because: NetBox 3.7.0 or newer VPNs pynetbox 7.3.3 or newer vpn app was added in pynetbox NetBox 3.5.0 or newer ASN ranges pynetbox 7.1.0 or newer asn_ranges.available_asns was added in pynetbox NetBox 3.3.0 or newer Cable terminations pynetbox 7.0.0 or newer Cable terminations were […]

Moving Zabbix Database

In the series “why wouldn’t I put this out public instead of just saving it to my own notes”: Moving the Zabbix database to a new database server. Old server: Debian Linux 9, running MariaDB 10.1.48 New server: Debian Linux 11, running MariaDB 10.5.12 (from Debian packaging) Zabbix (5.0.19 LTS) frontend is running on Apache […]