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Cisco Nexus FEX Lineup

Cisco has had Fabric Extenders in their Nexus datacenter switch portfolio since 2009. Since there are various models and they all are still appearing in the datacenters here is a summary of all the different FEX models. Updated on 12-Oct-2014: Added Nexus 2348TQ. Updated on 22-Apr-2015: Added Nexus 2332TQ. Nexus 2148T Nexus 2148T was the […]

Configuring BGP Sessions in IPv6

My colleagues were faced with an IPv6 implementation case where the router IOS feature set prevented them from configuring the BGP sessions. I labbed something for them and thought this overall IPv6 BGP session configuration would be worth of documenting here because there are some differences when compared to the usual IPv4-only BGP configurations. I […]

MST and Private VLAN Synchronize

A small example about the “private-vlan synchronize” command in MST configuration mode (vlan 100 = primary VLAN, vlan 101 = secondary (isolated) VLAN): n5k-1(config-mst)# show Pending MST Configuration Name      [test] Revision  0     Instances configured 3 Instance  Vlans mapped ——–  ——————————————————————— 0         1000-4094 1         1-100 2         101-999 ——————————————————————————- These secondary vlans are not mapped to the […]