Cat6500/6800 IOS 15SY Feature and Packaging Information

Have you ever wanted to find out what are the differences in Cisco Catalyst 6500/6800 IOS packages (or feature sets)? This is apparently the best source I’ve ever found:

Cisco IOS Software Major Release 15SY on Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches (

It has a clear table of all the packages (IP Base, IP Services, Advanced IP Services, Advanced Enterprise Services) and the features they contain. Every package contains all features in the lower level packages and then some more.

IP Base has features for L2 and basic routed edge implementations.

IP Services brings you these features:

  • Easy Virtual Networks (EVN)
  • OSPF
  • GLBP
  • NAT
  • VRF-Lite
  • NHRP
  • BGP

Advanced IP Services is needed for these:

  • Advanced Multicast (mVPN)
  • IS-IS
  • MPLS
  • L3 VPNs
  • IP SLA
  • ACL Dry-run
  • ACL Atomic Commit
  • L3VPN o mGRE
  • EoMPLS
  • OSPFv3 IPSec Authentication

Finally, Advanced Enterprise Services adds these:

  • VPLS (Native)
  • A-VPLS
  • DLSW+


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