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DHCPv6 Relay

Following my earlier post about introduction to DHCPv6, let’s see how DHCPv6 relaying works in practice. In VLAN 60 there is the DHCPv6 client but no DHCPv6 server. The subnet-attached router is configured as DHCPv6 relay, using the DHCPv6 server address from VLAN 41. The components in this setup are: I’ll capture the traffic on […]

Introduction to DHCPv6

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) is just that: a protocol that can be used for host configuration, defined in RFC 8415. In this post I will introduce some basics of the protocol. DHCPv6 protocol A DHCPv6 message for client-server conversation consists of message type (1 byte), transaction ID (3 bytes) and variable number […]