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Zabbix 7.0 Proxy Load Balancing

One of the new features in Zabbix 7.0 LTS is proxy load balancing. As the documentation says: Proxy load balancing allows monitoring hosts by a proxy group with automated distribution of hosts between proxies and high proxy availability. If one proxy from the proxy group goes offline, its hosts will be immediately distributed among other […]

Change History for Zabbix Protocols

All the information on this page is gathered from the official Zabbix documentation about the protocols and the upgrade notes. I’m using this information to assist with the Zabbix protocol dissector development in Wireshark, thus not all possible protocol change details will be documented here but mostly only those that affect the dissector. Version history: […]

Zabbix Active Agent Autoregistration

Let’s see how the Zabbix active agent autoregistration works in the communication. I have configured the Zabbix agent (version 6.2.3) on the Linux host at with this configuration: ServerActive= Hostname=Test-agent After restarting the agent, the Zabbix server (version 6.2.3) at logged immediately in /var/log/zabbix/zabbix_server.log: cannot send list of active checks to “”: host […]

Tag Guidelines in Zabbix

This is a tag-specific summary from the official Zabbix guidelines documentation, based on the situation as of Zabbix 6.0 LTS. Note: “Please note that this model might become enforced in the future Zabbix releases. Templates that do not follow specified rules will need to be updated.“ Tag name and value format lowercase only allowed characters: […]