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Even though I’ve used Python programming language on-and-off since about year 2000, I only started paying more attention to specific Python versions around 2016 when I gradually started using Python more seriously in devops. When dealing with different runtime environments it is crucial to know which features are available in which Python versions. This page lists the most important features and changes in Python versions for me, to be constantly updated when need arises.

This list below is merely a short sample of all the important or interesting changes in the Python versions. Be sure to check the linked full “What’s New” pages when planning your own workflows and deployments.

Note that I haven’t included any performance improvements in this list since it’s expected that newer Python releases are faster than previous ones anyway, as drafted out by Mark Shannon in Faster CPython plan.

Python 3.13 (expected release: 2024-10-01)

Python 3.12 (released on 2023-10-02)

Python 3.11 (released on 2022-10-24)

Python 3.10 (released on 2021-10-04)

Python 3.9 (released on 2020-10-05)

Python 3.8 (released on 2019-10-14, end of life expected in 2024-10)

Python 3.7 (released on 2018-06-27, end of life since 2023-06-27)

Python 3.6 (released on 2016-12-23, end of life since 2021-12-23)

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