Visual Studio Code Customizations

My customizations in Visual Studio Code:

Cygwin in Integrated Terminal

  // start bash, not the mintty, or you'll get a new window
  "": "C:\\cygwin64\\bin\\bash.exe",
  // Use this to keep bash from doing a 'cd ${HOME}'
  "": {
  // Make it a login shell
  "": [

Quick Suggestions Disabled for Plaintext Files

  "[plaintext]": {
    "editor.quickSuggestions": false

Column Selections Made Simpler

The standard keybindings for selecting columns use Shift+Ctrl+Alt. More convenient bindings use just Shift+Alt:

cursorColumnSelectDown       Shift+Alt+DownArrow
cursorColumnSelectLeft       Shift+Alt+LeftArrow
cursorColumnSelectPageDown   Shift+Alt+PageDown
cursorColumnSelectPageUp     Shift+Alt+PageUp
cursorColumnSelectRight      Shift+Alt+RightArrow
cursorColumnSelectUp         Shift+Alt+UpArrow

Other Keybinding Changes

editor.emmet.action.matchTag      Ctrl+M
Go to Bracket                     Ctrl+Alt+M
editor.action.smartSelect.grow    Ctrl+Shift+Alt+RightArrow
editor.action.smartSelect.shrink  Ctrl+Shift+Alt+LeftArrow

Some Built-in Keybindings in Finnish Keyboard Layout

  • Indent line = Ctrl+å (in US keyboard: Ctrl+])
  • Outdent line = Ctrl+´ (US: Ctrl+[)
  • Unfold region = Shift+Ctrl+å (US: Shift+Ctrl+])
  • Fold region = Shift+Ctrl+´ (US: Shift+Ctrl+[)
  • Show integrated terminal = Ctrl+ö (US: Ctrl+’)


Updated: November 27, 2017 — 15:08

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