Juniper SRX Traffic Processing

Some pointers to documentation in that describe the traffic processing in Juniper SRX platform:

Short version of the processing order:

  1. Per packet policer
  2. Per packet filter
  3. For new sessions:
    1. Screens
    2. Static NAT
    3. Destination NAT (if no match for Static NAT)
    4. Route and forwarding lookup
    5. Zone lookup
    6. Policy lookup
    7. Reverse Static NAT
    8. Source NAT (if no match for Reverse Static NAT)
    9. Services ALG
    10. Session setup
  4. Fast path processing:
    1. Screens
    2. TCP
    3. NAT
    4. Services ALG
  5. Per packet filter
  6. Per packet shaper

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