Cat6500 IOS Notes

According to SX SY ISSU Compatibility Matrix (, link found for example in, IOS 15.0(1)SY1 will be out still this year (or, they will decide about it this year…). The file has apparently been updated in the beginning of October however. Currently the latest version for 15.0SY train is 15.0(1)SY. I’m trying to get one 15.0(1)SY running in production in the near future.

The same file suggests 12.2(33)SXI8 would have been out on 10/5 (this means 5th of October for us who don’t like the unnatural syntax of mm/dd) but actually it came out on 3rd of November ( 12.2(33)SXJ2 is not out yet.

Btw, here is one slideset about the latest Cat6500 hardware goodies:

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