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Sup2T CMP Console Access

Because I always forget how to access the CMP console of Cat6500 Sup2T, here it is: To access the CMP with the console port, type Ctrl-C, Shift-M, Ctrl-C, Shift-M, Ctrl-C, Shift-M To return to the supervisor console, type Ctrl-R, Shift-M, Ctrl-R, Shift-M, Ctrl-R, Shift-M I thought I wouldn’t need this very often but things don’t […]

Cat6500 Sup2T CMP Note

I’ve had the Sup2T’s in the lab for a couple of days now. This is the time for trying out everything I want before deploying the system to production. One target for labbing is obviously the CMP, Connectivity Management Processor, which is new for Cat6500 systems. Nexus 7000 has already had it from the beginning. […]